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    Room: Need
    Type: Any (can sleep on floor!)
    Dates: Thursday-Sunday (including Sunday night) ideally
    Hotel: Walking distance preferred
    Payment: Flexible, can do any!
    Preferences: Not a party room, drinking is fine

    Hi A-kon! I'm an artist and mid-twenties female and need a room kinda last minute. I'm working the artist alley all weekend and will not be in the room much, but will be very quiet and clean when I am! Totally cool with sleeping on the floor, but I will need sleep at night so no big loud room parties would be best.

    Please feel free to PM me or reply to this thread if you have space available. I would really appreciate it!


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    Room: Have (two queen beds)
    Hotel: Omni
    Looking for: Three people. Drinking is fine.
    Payment: Flexible
    Days:Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.
    I'm a dude in my mid 20s. This will be my fourth consecutive year at the con. Hit me up if you're at all interested in rooming up!


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      Hey boss, my and a friend were looking to room with someone, we are both 20 and have been to nurmerous cons, if you could, shoot me an email at

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      Hey is this still available? If so shoot me an email at
      Thanks in advanced!

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    Room: Need
    Type: Any
    Hotel: Any
    Number of slots needed: 2, my buddie and i, can bring blackets/pillow for floor sleeping if needed
    Dates: thursday through sunday preferable
    Price per person per night: 75-110 for whole four days if possible
    Payment types accepted: I can only do cash, but he can do cash and paypal
    Preferences: Im 20 years old but im not against drinking, so im down for really anything

    Contact me here or shoot me a message a


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      Room: Need
      Hotel: Any (The closer the better, though)
      Slots: Just one, myself.
      Dates: Thursday-Sunday (Possibly wednesday night to thursday, but that depends on my work schedule)
      Payment: I can do cash or paypal, but I prefer to talk to you first before I do paypal. I much prefer in-person cash if you're willing.

      About me; I'm a veteran male congoer and cosplayer of 15 years now. Been going forever, and I just went to ACEN in Chicago last week and also Anime Matsuri in Houston last month, but haven't had time to finalize my plans for AKon until now. Anything you guys can offer would be appreciated. Either message me here or reach out to me at


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        Room: [NEED]
        Type: [I can sleep on the floor if need be!]
        Price: [Negotiable. I have a budget of about 125.00 for all four days]
        Hotel: [Hilton Anatole, I would prefer to be onsite of the convention]
        Dates: [Thursday through Sunday]
        Preferences: [Cosplayers, nonsmoking, I'm fine with coed, but would prefer to room with girls]
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          Message me

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        Room: NEED
        Type: any
        Hotel: anything within walking distance to the con (preferably one of the main hotels)
        Number of slots available: Looking for a room with a small amount of people
        Dates: Friday - Sun
        Price per person per night: negotiable
        Payment types accepted: Cash, PayPal
        Preferences: Just friendly people! I recently had surgery so I'd prefer to have a bed or a comfortable cot or couch or something but I'm willing to be on the floor if needed.

        A little about me;
        My name is AJ and I'm a 21 year old FtM!
        I'm an artist
        Uh I don't smoke or drink but I don't mind those who do
        I'm pretty shy at first but I'm definitely willing to make some friends
        This would be my first time going to this convention but I'm super stoked!
        Not sure if I'm going to cosplay yet but we'll see.

        Please email me at for fast response!



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          Room: HAVE
          Type: double, two queen beds
          Hotel: Sheraton
          Number of slots available: 3 (bed and floor)
          Dates: Thursday through Sunday
          Price per person : $115, all four days
          Payment types accepted: cash on-site,
          Preferences: no smoking or drugs, alcohol is okay, cosplayers ok, 21+, female only

          Ok, so a little about me. My name is Demi! I'm a 29 y/o female. I've been attending dallas/fort worth area cons for a few years now. I love all things nerdy and book related, but I also don't mind a party.I'm a pretty laid back person, i get along with pretty much everyone. I'm volunteering at the con so I'm pretty much gone all day, into the night, but I'm always respectful when entering the room. I'm very clean and I don't leave all my stuff lying around. I'm not OCD about anything, I've just done room shares at previous cons, so I try to be as considerate as possible. I don't cosplay or anything so I don't occupy much space, just a suitcase and some food. As far as food, I really don't bring much, because the hotel breakfast actually tides me over for most of the day, but I am willing to bring extra snacks if need be.

          About the hotel, The sheraton fort worth is directly next to the convention center where the con will be hosted, so it's practically no walk at all. The room includes a mini fridge if you plan on bringing snacks and free wi-fi. While the hotel itself has a gym, pool, and restaurant on site. All I ask is that you are respectful of everyone's space, and when people are sleeping.

          If interested feel free to send me an email, or facebook message. I'll paste the links below.

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            Room: HAVE
            Type: double, two queen beds
            Hotel: Sheraton
            Number of slots available: 2 (floor)
            Dates: Thursday through Sunday
            Price per person : $120, all four days
            Payment types accepted: cash or paypal
            Preferences: 18+ and Don't be a butt; respect privacy and others.

            Got ghosted at the last minute for this years a-kon.
            I am a 20-year-old panelist and i need roomies.

            I am not biased but i would appreciate it if you were nice and respectful.
            Drinking is okay. other substances are not.

            If you or someone you know is interested, email or contact me via facebook

            Otherwise, see ya at the convention! <3


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              I have 1 room (double queen) at the Sheraton fort worth downtown hotel.

              We have 1 space available. (Bed)

              * Dates: Thursday through Sunday (June 8 - June 11th)

              Price per person for WHOLE WEEKEND = 165.6 dollars (divided between 4) The total cost is 662.40
              ** costs does not include your parking**

              Payment types accepted: on-site.
              I usually pay the total amount when I check-in.

              It can be payed with cash or credit/debit cards.

              Preferences: No Smoking, No alcohol, Cosplayers, Con-Goers Welcome, 21+, Laid Back, No Drama, be responsible for yourself, be respectful, clean person(please shower).
              You can not bring outside people into the room.

              It would be great to talk before the con.

              PM me if interested "


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                Amateur voice actor and artist in need of crash space i can pay if reasonable im 29 lol sane just need a place so i dont have to go from dallas to ft worth thw whole time i know its kind of last min but if anyone has space let me know soon p.m me or email ty


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                  Room: Need
                  Type: Any (will sleep on floor, I dont care much about where I sleep)
                  Hotel: Any (preferably nearby)
                  Slots: Just me right now.
                  Dates: Whole Convention
                  Price: Please be reasonable, I just want to have fun and not blow all my money away on someone looking to make a huge profit.
                  Preferences: no smoking, I do not mind Alcohol if its 21+, I'm fine with anything as long as people are responsible.

                  A little about me: I'm a male 21 year old cosplayer, and Im responsible when it comes to my own stuff and needs. If there is drinking, I do not go overboard with it, maybe a couple, but not enough to get wasted. I enjoy socializing with others in my hotel room and maybe walk around with them. I'm quite easy going and chill.
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