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Trying to locate two people for communications

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  • Trying to locate two people for communications

    Now that I've had a bit of time to recover from the intensity of A-Kon 27, I'm realizing that there's two people I'd like to find: one to thank for their compassion and helpfulness and another for me not having been as helpful to when I was distressed

    Person 1!
    Blue haired female staffer in the Artist alley ops who went by the name of 'Alice' on her badge, typically wore a set of black lace bunny ears on a headband, of whom I traded a small stuffed white rabbit weand had her glasses swiped from her in the Goblin Market (they were returned thankfully). I'd like to thank you for your kindness and comfort you offered me and would like do some art for you.

    Person 2!
    Dapper dressed young gentleman who was wearing an eye patch at the goblin market - had a lovely can with a mermaid handle (silver colored metal with a dark wooden body) that had temporarily been taken from him and given to me which was returned in re-exchange for a blue sari (looks like a long drape when not worn XD ). I should have gone with you to retrieve it even if I was still a bit distressed about the whole issue. For my own lack of compassion and understanding I would like to offer a sincere apology for not having done more as you were likely just as distressed as I was. For you too I would like to offer to do some art, I realize it's hardly a substantial apology/offering but I would still like to make it.